About Us

Practical Defensive Training and Texas License to Carry

Our philosophy is to offer our students training solutions that will allow them to learn skills and implement them with consistency. As with all skills, marksmanship is perishable. We teach our students the importance of training. Our method will allow them to build on solid fundamentals as they progress.

Where We Train

Greenville, Texas
(Courtesy: ci.greenville.tx.us)

We wanted to offer training in our area to meet the needs of the average concealed carrier, who isn’t a SWAT officer or tier one operator.  We provide training in Hunt County and the surrounding areas. Our training solutions are designed to offer clients in our community a better understanding of marksmanship and the associated fundamental mechanics of ballistic tools. We wanted to develop a method of training for our clients to acquire the fundamental skills, mindset, and confidence necessary to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Our Founder & Senior Instructor

“I always thought of Texas as home”.

The son of a US Army helicopter pilot and Vietnam veteran, Samuel Coy lived all over the US on military bases and nearby communities with the majority of his time spent in Texas. He is a US Army veteran. He is a Texas LTC Instructor, NRA instructor, and RSO. He has been a concealed carrier since the early ’90s.

Samuel is a member of Crossroads Church in Greenville and the founder & Chief Servant Officer of Sojourner Systems, a technology consulting organization.